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  1. Stuka sculpture at B.o.B memorial , Folkestone

    Quote Originally Posted by fozzy45 View Post
    . Just confuses things for me. I do not go their to remember airmen fighting for the Nazi regime and if its simply meant to represent a shot down Stuka then whats the point?
    I'm not sure where the memorial to all the German, Austrian and Italian aircrew that were killed in the Battle of Britain is.
  2. B-17 9 oh 9 Crash

    Quote Originally Posted by jimbuna View Post
    I'm sure many here will remember this and if so, this video should prove to be interesting.

    Wow such a shame that this happened in such a manner.

    If only springs to mind, when you listen to the timeline of events.
  3. Airfix 1/24 De Haviland Mosquito FB VI

    Quote Originally Posted by Martin Bull View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by DCRanger View Post
    A question that MB might be able to answer. I think I have seen a yellow circle behind a Lancaster pilot's seat and this kit also has one behind the pilot's seat but one inside an airframe?

    What's it's purpose?

    Sorry for the very belated response, DCR...but I finally had it confirmed today that the mysterious 'Yellow Dot' is a 'gas patch', the same as the one on the pilots' armour
  4. Aircraft Names

    Quote Originally Posted by strix1998 View Post
    Lightning is an easy differentiation P-38 "Forktailed-Devil" EE "WTF did that go" F-35 "The Fugly Lightning"

    And they had the nerve to call the F4 Phantom "doubly-ugly"........................................
    F4 Phantom a nice looking jet!!
  5. Arado Ar234 Blitz AWAC REVISED! pic

    Quote Originally Posted by biffo View Post
    Had little think and made the Arado 234 a little more like the drawings in the Luftwaffe Secret Projects Ground Attack and Special Purpose Aircraft please note the radar operators window,that made me sweat!
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